So we just came back from Cologne in Germany and it was such a refreshing experience!

One is clear. We’re not used to performing our sales pitch wearing shorts for the audience wearing sunglasses and full caps…

But hey, that’s one of the good parts of being the part of the whole startup culture!  

No one really knows what the next big disruptive technology will be and which early investor will discover it first!

Earlier this time we got a great news from Pirate Summit organizers informing us that we got selected to pitch during their ‘Walk the Plank‘ competition. Pirate Summit is a popular German event dedicated for early stage start-ups one side of the spectrum and VCs and angel investors on the other.  

Secfense got a chance to showcase it’s demo in front of a financial audience in the past when we pitched for banks and financial institutions on Finovate.

We were also present on the biggest European healthcare IT show called DMEA hosted by Berlin Messe in Berlin in April every year. We got a chance to pitch there as well for CIOs and New Technology Managers from hospitals and clinics.  

Just last week we visited Cologne in Germany where we took part in Pirate Summit, the craziest start-up event and pitched for a number of European VCs and angel investors there…

Pirate Summit was more than we expected, incredibly refreshing experience and very productive on the same time!

For the last couple of months, we talked with ‘serious businesses’ about ‘serious problems’ so it was great fun to pitch this time for VC investors wearing shorts and sunglasses and bearing ice cold Red Bulls in their hands.

Here’s our pitch from Walk the Plank competition where we talked about an easy adoption of 2FA (two-factor authentication) methods in business. We barely scratched the surface of the topic so if you’d like to hear more on how take advantage of FIDO2 or WebAuthn (Web Authentication) and strong authentication (sometime called MFA, multi-factor authentication as well) just ping us on our social media or schedule a quick discovery call with us!