Secfense focuses heavily on cybersecurity automation. With Secfense organizations can use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all their apps. The deployment process is easy, scalable and, repeatable. It can be simply and fully automized.

Software Automation Awards

This has recently been noticed and appreciated by organizations called UiPath. Secfense participated in the UiPath Automation Awards 2020 and in December last year got to the finals.

Secfense was selected as one of the three most interesting b2b startups focused on software automation from 200+ applications from 21 countries.

Two-Factor Authentication Automation

Two-Factor Automation is important because of a couple of reasons:
Most companies protect just a handful of apps with 2FA while the rest stays unprotected The apps stay unprotected because traditional installation is hard, expensive and sometimes even impossible.

Since Secfense User Access Security Broker was built we get a lot of positive feedback that has been confirmed by organizations like UiPath, but also with our customers’ success stories. Our recent customer is one of the top 5 biggest banks in Poland. Secfense helped them protect nearly 100 applications with Two-Factor Authentication. This would never be possible without a tool like Secfense that helps automize the deployment process.

Here are a couple more links related to that:

Our 5-minute demo showing fully automized 2FA deployment

And the article about Secfense being recognized in the UiPath Automation Awards 2020.

Polish Startup focused on Cybersecurity Software Automation Is Looking to Expand in the UK
Polish Startup focused on Cybersecurity Software Automation Is Looking to Expand in the UK

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