The path to Zero Trust and Passwordless
in Information Technologies Companies


IT organizations need to adapt to change

The sheer number of applications, user credentials, and passwords used in big organizations is astounding. In a busy working environment, new data is being created, shared, and accessed by plenty of people every day. Technology Departments are constantly adding new tools and new applications to the company’s infrastructure.

And on top of that, the Security Department needs to make sure that all this data and all the access points are properly protected against cyberattacks and data breaches.


Secfense for IT companies

We will provide strong two-factor authentication for all your employees, contractors, and customers. Secfense helps IT companies significantly improve their authentication security. Our clients can focus on what they do best with their authentication process secured by User Access Security Broker.

Free up your resources

Unlike Google, many companies cannot afford to spend almost unlimited budget and hundreds of man-hours to build strong authentication policies across all their apps. For teams and organizations with limited resources, User Access Security Broker from Secfense is a way to free up software developers. You team of specialists will be able to focus on their own projects, as they leverage Secfense solution for successful access, authentication, and authorization management.

Bulletproof security against data breaches

User Authentication is the key element in building a security barrier against phishing, credential theft, and security breaches. It is essential to ensure that people who access particular applications and areas within these applications are always authorized to do so. Microauthorizations from Secfense add the second authentication factor to the login process and protect users on every step of their journey through the app. This way, we ensure that no unauthorized user will access restricted resources. All attempts at doing that are tracked, monitored, and reported.

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