The path to Zero Trust and Passwordless
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Digital Transformation of the Public Sector Institutions Secured By Strong 2FA

Public institutions own infrastructure that is often based on legacy applications and solutions provided by different technology vendors. All these applications, dashboards, and administrative panels require proper cybersecurity protection.

Secfense helps public organizations build protection against threats like phishing and credential theft by preventing unauthorized access to applications from any device. This means that public institutions can easily meet national and international compliance requirements and security regulations without investing extensive time and resources on it.


User Access Security Broker

User Access Security Broker from Secfense deploys the FIDO2 web authentication standard, or in fact, any other strong two-factor authentication method depending on the organization’s requirements. With Secfense UASB strong two-factor authentication (2FA) can easily be added to every application that requires it. Regardless if it’s an on-premise application, legacy application, VPN, or OWA. User Access Security Broker from Secfense easily strengthens the authentication process on any application and within any application (with the use of microauthorizations).


One of the most effective ways to improve cybersecurity across the entire organization is through so-called microauthorizations. Security admin can use Microauthorizations to add additional authorization requirements within any application. Microauthorizations were designed to maximize the end-user comfort while drastically increasing the level of security within the company. The user journey within the application stays almost unaffected while at the same the security level substantially increases.

Microauthorizations are usually used to track and register attempts of accessing some particular resources within the application when the person is already logged in. Microauthorization can even stop that person and not let him or her continue the journey inside the application.

Full Site Protection

Apart from securing the login process the User Access Security Broker from Secfense protects the entire application. By default, Secfense UASB stands before the application and secures the user authentication process. Full Site Protection puts Secfense UASB one step earlier inside the infrastructure and therefore protects not only the login process but the whole application. Full site protection makes a distinction between trusted and untrusted networks.

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