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Secfense for Travel Industry

Secfense User Access Security Broker helps hotels, agencies and travel businesses secure their employees and customers security and protect them from identity theft and fraud while providing a frictionless experience.

Regardless of what area of the travel industry is the company focused on. If it’s an airline, car rental or a hotel - all these companies carry sensitive user data that cybercriminals can be tempted to steal. More and more popular loyalty programs give tourism users additional incentive to use tourism systems and applications to keep in touch and benefit from various promotions. It is crucial for organizations from the travel industry to maintain a high standard of data security while at the same time deliver great user experience in order to build a net of loyal, recurring customers.


Maintaining security in the tourism industry is a challenge

One of the key elements of the puzzle is to manage all customers’ identity safe and secure. The accounts of both tourism employees as well as customers need to be always protected from the risks related to takeover and data theft.

Wherever there’s an end customer involved it’s especially important to provide a great user experience across all services and at the same time keep data security in mind. User Access Security Broker from Secfense is a great help in prevention of account takeover by successfully eliminating phishing and credential theft risks. Secfense solution deploys and scales strong two-factor authentication on all the accounts and all the apps. This one each employee and each customer receives a strong protection of his or her data. The protection that cannot be broken by any social engineering or phishing attempt.

One of the extremely useful features especially in the tourism industry is what we call microauthorizations. Microauthorizations from Secfense triggers additional authentication recruitment every time a person accesses some resources that require extra security measures.

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