The Importance of Data Security in Education Keeps Increasing

Universities, Private Schools and Educational Institutions are growing in popularity as a great target of cyber attacks. This is caused by the fact that the quality of data stored is high and therefore the cost of a data breach is high and the gain for a cybercriminal is big. The loss is usually not only financial counted in dollars or euro, but also in reputation and image. While rising security standards schools, universities and educational institutions can’t compromise on the user experience.

User Access Security Broker from Secfense is a great response when it comes to maintaining high security standards while at the same time keeping user experience untouched. Deploying FIDO2 web authentication standard (or in fact any other strong two-factor authentication standard adjusted to the institution’s needs) helps the organization to ensure that access to all applications and data is protected while it’s still easy for students, teachers, alumni, and administrations to log in.


Benefits For Educational Institutions

There are a bunch of benefits a school, university or other educational institution can achieve when investing in User Access Security Broker from Secfense. Here’s the list of some of them:

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