Passkeys for Enterprise Security

Easy Passkey adoption with Secfense

Passkeys for Enterprise Security is an approach to implementing passkey-based authentication in a scalable manner across your organization. Passkey is an authentication method developed by the World Wide Web and the FIDO Alliance, it is an extension of the FIDO standard and another step towards completely moving away from passwords (passwordless). The FIDO standard and passkey are designed to increase security and ease of logging into websites and applications. Passkeys implementation with Secfense is focused on ensuring a smooth, seamless, and scalable implementation of this authentication method across the organization without any code disruption and without company production and operational downtime.

Passkeys for Universal Access

Key Features

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Authentication with Passkeys

Passkeys enable secure login to websites and applications without a password, increasing user security and convenience.

Easy integration

Our solution allows keys to be quickly and easily integrated into existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption.

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Universal use

Designed to fit seamlessly into any sector’s infrastructure, ensuring broad and versatile use.


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Greater security and convenience

Passkeys eliminate the security vulnerabilities associated with traditional passwords, providing more secure and user-friendly authentication.

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Scalable solution

Secfense’s approach to organizational passkey adoption allows them to be implemented in virtually any organization regardless of size. Secfense makes it easy to deploy passkeys at any scale, from small teams to large enterprises.

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Cross-platform compatibility

Deploying passkeys with Secfense ensures consistent access across devices and platforms, catering to diverse user needs.

Use Cases

Securing access to sensitive data

Secure employee access

Give employees secure access to enterprise systems and data without using passwords.

Customer and partner authentication Image

Customer and partner authentication

Offer customers and partners a simple and secure method to access shared platforms and resources.

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Industry-wide deployment

Apply across multiple sectors including finance, healthcare, education, and more, to ensure standardized and secure access.

Secfense product synergy

Passkeys for Enterprise Security complements Secfense’s suite of security products such as User Access Security Broker (UASB) and FIDO2 Authenticator, offering a comprehensive security framework.

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Secfense User Access Security Broker (UASB)

Enables the use of various authentication methods, including an innovative approach to implementing passkeys (Passkeys for Enterprise Security), to increase overall company security.

Secfense Microauthorizations

Secfense FIDO2 Authenticator

Complements UASB and passkeys and enables an additional step of passwordless authentication based on public key cryptography and the FIDO standard.

With Passkeys for Enterprise Security companies can implement a passwordless security policy across their entire organization, ensuring security and ease of access across all digital platforms.

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