The path to Zero Trust and Passwordless
in Manufacturing Industry


Protecting Manufacturing Companies from Data Theft, IIoT Attacks, and Disruption of Operations

Cyberattacks pose significant risks for factories due to the way these places operate. The manufacturing sector relies heavily upon automation, the Industrial Internet of Things, machine learning, and global supply chains, which makes it a soft target for cybercriminals.

Every couple of months, news can be heard about a new data breach in a manufacturing company. Sometimes, these are ransomware attacks, which can put production and operations on hold for days or weeks. However, to learn the true scale of the problem, we must realize that most breaches are kept secret.

A great number of manufacturing companies become victims of a data breach through social engineering, phishing, and credential theft. These tactics often result in hackers installing ransomware and compromising the entire organization. Apart from inflicting huge financial costs, such attacks can undermine the brand’s image.

Strong competition among manufacturers encourages them to undergo digital transformation and implement the Industry 4.0 standards. Even though automation and robotics in smart factories speed up the production process, they also create security gaps, increasing the risk of cyberattacks.


Secfense Scales Strong Authentication Across the Entire Manufacturing Organization

User Access Security Broker from Secfense is a great way for manufacturing companies to protect their working environment and maintain production continuity. Strong two-factor authentication designed by Secfense ensures that only authorized people can access factory applications. Microauthorizations feature add another layer of security by giving administrators a tool for triggering additional authentication requests on any step of the user journey. Moreover, Secfense solution lets you grant different access rights based on roles assigned to users.

Secure Access from inside and outside of the Trusted Network

With User Access Security Broker from Secfense it does not matter where the user is located. They can log in while at the office, using the trusted network, or from a remote location. With our broker, all employees, contractors, customers, and users are indiscriminately protected.

Easy deployment of the strong FIDO2 web authentication standard (or any other 2FA standard requested by the customer) is key to maintaining high security and providing a seamless user experience.

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