The path to Zero Trust and Passwordless
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Secfense for Travel Industry

Our User Access Security Broker helps hotels, agencies, and travel businesses protect their employees and customers from identity theft and fraud, while providing a seamless experience.

Nowadays, every company in the travel industry may become a target of a cyberattack. Whether it is an airline, a car rental, or a hotel, it gathers sensitive user data that cybercriminals may be tempted to steal. This trend only increases as more and more customers use dedicated systems and applications to benefit from loyalty programs and various promotions. Therefore, organizations in the travel industry need to introduce a high standard of data security and, at the same time, deliver a great user experience in order to win loyal, returning customers.


Maintaining Security in the Tourism Industry is a Challenge

One of the key elements in maintaining security is to ensure that the identities of all the customers and employees are secured. Personal data always needs to be protected against takeover and theft.

Whenever there is an end customer involved, it is crucial to provide a great user experience across all services and, at the same time, keep data security in mind. User Access Security Broker from Secfense helps prevent account takeover by successfully eliminating phishing and credential theft risks. Secfense solution deploys and scales strong two-factor authentication on all the accounts and apps, providing all employees and customers with protection that is impervious to any social engineering or phishing attempt.

One of the most useful features for companies in the tourism industry is what we call microauthorizations. Microauthorizations from Secfense trigger additional authentication requests every time a person accesses some resources that require extra security measures.

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