MFA for Outlook Web App (OWA)

Securing MFA for Outlook Web App (OWA) Against Phishing and Zero-Day

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a key element of modern business communications. Still, it also poses serious security risks, such as phishing and zero-day vulnerabilities. This Secfense use case demonstrates how the User Access Security Broker provides robust OWA protection for secure and reliable email access.

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Key Features


Phishing-resistant authentication

Enhanced security measures against sophisticated phishing attacks targeting OWA users.

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Seamless integration with IAM systems

Compatible with various identity and access management systems, ensuring seamless transitions and consistent security policies.

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User Access Security Broker (UASB)

A base layer integrating various authentication methods, enhancing OWA security without vendor lock-in.


Zero-day vulnerability protection

Rapid response mechanisms to protect against newly discovered vulnerabilities before they are patched.


Flexible multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Customizable MFA options that can be tailored to the specific needs of different user groups within OWA.


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Enhanced security

Stronger defenses against external threats, especially phishing and zero-day attacks.

Better user experience

Simplified and more user-friendly authentication processes in OWA, reducing the reliance on traditional passwords.

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Operational Efficiency

Streamlined OWA security management, reducing the burden on IT teams and increasing overall operational efficiency.

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Cost-effective solution

Avoid overpaying for unused security features by focusing on those features that provide real value.

Use Cases

Securing access to sensitive data

Secure employee email access

Give employees secure FIDO-protected access to their OWA accounts, regardless of their location or device.

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Protect confidential communications

Protect confidential email exchanges within OWA against unauthorized access and data breaches.

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Compliance with regulatory standards

Meeting stringent security requirements for industries that handle sensitive information.

Secfense product synergy

Secfense Microauthorizations Integration

Adds an additional layer of security by requiring re-authentication for specific resources or activities in OWA.

Complementary to Secfense FIDO2 Authenticator

Compliance with the FIDO2 standard 
to provide a strong passwordless authentication solution for OWA.

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In summary, the Secfense product suite offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to securing OWA against phishing and zero-day vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure, compliant and user-friendly email experience.

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