Netscaler Gateway

How Secfense Secures Netscaler Gateway

Netscaler Gateway, offered by Citrix, is a solution enabling secure remote access to corporate applications and data over the Internet. With SAML and Single Sign-On (SSO), users can securely log in to different applications and services using a single set of credentials. Protecting this access is crucial to ensuring the security of corporate data.


Integrated Security from Secfense:


Flexibility in Identity Management

Integration with various identity sources (e.g. Azure AD, Okta), both in private and public networks, which facilitates the management of user and contractor identities without the need to create new accounts.

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Full Site Protection (FSP)

Hides the publicly accessible Netscaler Gateway site from unauthorized users, minimizing the risk of attacks.


FIDO2 Authenticator

Using a mobile app that turns your phone into a FIDO2 compliant authentication device, offering strong authentication without the need for passwords.

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Full Control over Identities and Access

Ability to decide whether to use a single identity source for all applications or different sources for different applications, providing flexibility and control over the authentication process.


Passwordless Authentication with FIDO Passkeys

Secfense allows you to switch to passwordless authentication, which increases the security of access to applications by eliminating the weak link – passwords.



Introducing an additional layer of authentication at critical points in the application, increasing control over access to sensitive resources.


Unification of Access and Authentication

Implementation of a uniform FIDO-based MFA authentication system for all applications, which facilitates access management and increases security.


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Thanks to Secfense security, Netscaler Gateway becomes even more resistant to cyber threats, offering users safe and convenient access to company resources.

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Flexibility in identity management, passwordless authentication, advanced website protection and microauthorizations are just some of the benefits that translate into increased security and efficiency of work in a remote environment. Secfense provides organizations with the tools necessary to build a modern and secure IT infrastructure.

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