The path to Zero Trust and Passwordless
in Retail & Ecommerce


Secure Customer & Employee Data

With User Access Security Broker from Secfense, retail organizations such as e-commerce businesses can easily secure access to their applications and at the same time meet necessary security compliance requirements.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Compliance

One of the requirements for securing customer data is a strong access security policy within the organization. Secfense can help companies meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements with FIDO2 authentication or any other strong two-factor authentication as well as other security requirements that retail organizations need to comply with.

Stronger Access Controls

Identity verification of the organization employees and customers with strong two-factor authentication ensures that only authorized users can access specific applications and specific areas within the application user journey (through microauthorizations).

Thanks to advanced user access policies, it is possible to track, monitor, and record all login attempts and suspicious behaviors within applications. Regardless if it’s a company employee or a third-party contractor, their access will require strong authentication, and depending on security policies may trigger additional microauthorizations request to confirm the identity again, after the initial login.

Strong 2FA on Every Application

User Access Security Broker from Secfense ensures that FIDO2 or any other strong authentication method can easily be added on every application that requires it. Regardless if it’s an on-premises application, old legacy systems, VPN or OWA Secfense UASB can easily strengthen authentication on any app and within any app (with microauthorizations).

Full Site Protection

Apart from securing the login process the User Access Security Broker from Secfense protects the entire application. By default, Secfense UASB stands before the application and secures the user authentication process. Full Site Protection puts Secfense UASB one step earlier inside the infrastructure and therefore protects not only the login process but the whole application. Full site protection makes a distinction between trusted and untrusted networks.

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