The path to Zero Trust and Passwordless
in Utilities Industry


Protection against Data Breaches

The authentication process is the first line of defense in the organization’s security system. It is critically important to make sure that the authorized people have safe access to the specific resources within the organization.


The Most Effective and Efficient Way to Deploy Strong Authentication

User Access Security Broker from Secfense can be deployed within minutes. There is no coding involved, and therefore, no need to make any changes in the protected application’s code. Our broker does not conflict with the application’s maintenance schedule and it does not force vendor lock-ins.

Strong Authentication for Employees, Contractors, Suppliers, and Partners

There are a lot of people involved in modern supply chains. Therefore, authentication security can be compromised in many ways. User Access Security Broker from Secfense makes it easy for companies that provide utility services to introduce strong authentication for the entire chain, not only selected users or applications. All supply chain partners can be equipped with strong authentication for smooth collaboration.

Secure and Convenient Application Access

When it comes to online services, the user experience is a crucial part of the overall customer experience. Better customer experience translates into better customer satisfaction, and that leads to increased customer retention. With User Access Security Broker from Secfense, security admins can easily adopt a strong authentication process and introduce the most seamless methods to users, ensuring their security and comfort.

Full Bundle of Authentication Factors

One of the advantages of using User Access Security Broker from Secfense is the absolute freedom it offers in terms of choosing the right authentication factor. Secfense broker features a full bundle of authentication methods, so it is possible to deploy a multitude of user-friendly access policies that simplify the authentication for employees, partners, and customers. These include but are not limited to FIDO2, U2F, SMS, and TOTP.

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