Advanced Security for Web Apps

Secure publicly accessible web apps with an
invisible wall

Full Site Protection is a comprehensive solution designed to secure all web applications by putting them behind an invisible wall. This functionality of the User Access Security Broker (UASB) distinguishes between trusted and untrusted networks, offering the benefits of a VPN without the need to purchase a VPN. This innovative approach to protecting digital assets makes it possible to hide applications available on the Internet so that they are visible only to authorized users; for all other users on the Internet, they are simply invisible, hidden behind the invisible curtain of the Full Site Protection and the Secfense broker.

Full Site Protection for web applications

Key Features

Comprehensive protection

Full Site Protection and the Secfense broker ensure security from displaying and accessing the login screen to all its functionalities.

Flexible control for administrators Icon

Flexible control for administrators

Security administrators fully control application security. They can decide which applications need to be hidden behind Full Site Protection, which can have a more lenient security policy and be available on the Internet to all users.

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Verification from a trusted network

Users must activate a second authentication factor after originally authenticating to a trusted network before accessing the app, which adds an additional layer of security.


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Increased application security

By securing the application even before the authentication stage, at the very stage of displaying the login screen, we minimize the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

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Ease of Deployment

The Secfense Broker can be deployed without any coding or interference with protected applications code.

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A cost-effective alternative to VPNs

Full Site Protection offers a more secure alternative to traditional VPNs, allowing you to use apps safely outside your trusted network and access them with FIDO/passkeys-based authentication.

Use Cases

Enterprise Web Application Protection

Enterprise Web Application Protection

Perfect for organizations looking to secure their internal applications, especially those accessed outside the office and outside a trusted network.

Securing customer facing portals

Securing customer-facing portals

Full Site Protection will help ensure that portals are only accessible to authorized users, thereby protecting sensitive customer information.

Secfense product synergy

Full Site Protection complements Secfense Microauthorizations and the FIDO2 Authenticator, providing a comprehensive security solution offered in the User Access Security Broker. It improves the security of the entire organization and the user experience, significantly reducing the burden on technical, support, and customer service teams.

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Secfense User Access Security Broker (UASB)

UASB is Secfense’s core solution that includes Full Site Protection functionality.

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Secfense FIDO2 Authenticator

This is an authentication application that, unlike other traditional authentication applications, is not based on TOTP codes but on public key cryptography and the FIDO authentication standard. Secfense FIDO2 Authenticator integrates seamlessly with Full Site Protection, enhancing security and user experience.

Secfense Microauthorizations ensure that each access point in your organization is precisely controlled and monitored in accordance with zero trust best practices and MFA and data security implementation practices.

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