Ivanti Secure Access

How Secfense Secures Ivanti Secure Access

Ivanti Secure Access, formerly known as Pulse Secure, is an advanced remote access management solution that enables secure access to network resources and applications from anywhere. Using SAML for Single Sign-On (SSO), Ivanti Secure Access helps users securely connect to enterprise applications and services.

ivanti secure access protection

Integrated Security from Secfense


Flexibility in Identity Management

Secfense enables integration with multiple identity sources, such as Azure AD and Okta, making it easier to manage user and contractor identities. This allows you to use different sources of identity without having to create new accounts.

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Full Site Protection (FSP)

FSP protects publicly accessible Ivanti Secure Access sites by hiding them from unauthorized users and bots, significantly reducing the risk of attacks.


FIDO2 Authenticator

Thanks to the FIDO2 Authenticator mobile application, the user’s phone becomes a FIDO2-compliant authentication device, which offers strong and convenient password-free authentication.

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Full Control over Identities and Access

Choose between one identity source for all applications or different sources for different applications, providing flexibility and control over the authentication process.


Passwordless Authentication with FIDO Passkeys

Moving to passwordless authentication with FIDO passkeys increases user security and convenience by eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with traditional passwords.



Secfense introduces an additional layer of access control by requiring re-authentication at key points in the application, which increases the security of access to sensitive resources.


Unification of Access and Authentication

Implementation of a uniform FIDO-based MFA authentication system for all applications, which facilitates access management and increases the level of security.


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Ivanti Secure Access protection by Secfense provides organizations with advanced remote access protection, by combining passwordless authentication, identity management flexibility, advanced site protection, and additional layers of access control.


With an integrated approach that leverages both UASB and iDp, Secfense offers a security and user experience solution that meets the remote access management needs of today’s organizations.

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