Fortigate VPN

How Secfense Secures Fortigate VPN
Fortigate VPN from Fortinet is an advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution that enables a secure remote connection to an organization’s network resources. Using SAML for Single Sign-On (SSO), Fortigate VPN makes it easy for users to access the resources they need without having to log in multiple times. To provide even greater security, Secfense integrates its User Access Security Broker (UASB) and Identity Provider (iDp) technologies with Fortigate VPN, offering comprehensive protection and additional security benefits.

Fortigate VPN

Comprehensive Security from Secfense for Fortigate VPN

Secfense provides comprehensive protection for Netscaler Gateway using its User Access Security Broker (UASB) and Identity Provider (iDp) solutions. As a result, it offers organizations a number of security benefits:


Flexibility in Identity Management

Integration with various identity sources, such as Azure AD and Okta, through iDp makes it easier to manage user and contractor identities, allowing you to use existing accounts to authorize access.

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Full Site Protection (FSP)

UASB protects publicly available Fortigate VPN login interfaces by hiding them from unauthorized users and bots, reducing the risk of attacks.


Unification of Access and Authentication

The implementation of a uniform MFA authentication system based on FIDO for all applications and services available via VPN facilitates access management and increases the level of security.


Passwordless Authentication with FIDO Passkeys

Secfense allows you to switch to passwordless authentication, which significantly increases the security of your VPN access by eliminating the risks associated with traditional passwords.



The microauthorizations function allows you to introduce an additional layer of authentication at key access points, increasing control over access to sensitive network resources.

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Full Control over Identities and Access

Ability to tailor the authentication process to your organization’s specific needs, providing flexibility in selecting identity sources for the various applications and services available through Fortigate VPN.


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Integration of Secfense solutions with Fortigate VPN offers advanced remote access protection, combining modern authentication and access security methods. By using iDp and UASB technologies, organizations can effectively secure their VPN networks, providing users with safe, convenient and flexible access to corporate resources. 


The introduction of passwordless authentication, protection of login interfaces, additional layers of access control and the possibility of integration with various identity management systems significantly increase the level of security, while meeting the expectations of modern organizations in terms of remote access management.

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