How Secfense Secures Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that enables organizations to manage customer relationships, sales, marketing and cloud services. To increase the security of access to this key platform, Secfense leverages its Identity Provider (iDp) and User Access Security Broker (UASB) technologies, offering advanced security and authentication methods.


Integrated Security from Secfense for Salesforce


Flexibility in Identity Management

Secfense iDp enables integration with various identity sources, such as Azure AD and Okta, which makes it easier to manage user and contractor identities, allowing you to use existing accounts to authorize access to Salesforce.

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Full Site Protection (FSP)

UASB protects publicly accessible Salesforce interfaces by hiding them from unauthorized users and bots, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and attacks.


Unified Access and Authentication

With a unified FIDO-based MFA authentication system, Secfense makes it easier to manage access to Salesforce while increasing the overall security of the platform.


Passwordless Authentication with FIDO Passkeys

Secfense’s implementation of passwordless authentication increases the security of access to Salesforce by eliminating the risks associated with traditional passwords and offering users a more convenient way to log in.



Secfense introduces an additional layer of access control through microauthorizations, requiring users to re-authenticate at key access points to sensitive functions or data within the Salesforce platform.

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Complete Control over Identities and Access

Organizations can tailor the authentication process to their specific needs, choosing between different identity sources for the various services and applications available in Salesforce, providing flexibility and control over the authentication process.


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Integrating Secfense with Salesforce offers organizations advanced security features that strengthen data protection and customer relationship management processes.


Thanks to the use of modern authentication methods, such as passwordless login and microauthorizations, and additional security measures, such as Full Site Protection, Salesforce becomes an even safer and more accessible platform for users.

Implementing these security measures enables organizations not only to provide secure access to key resources and services, but also to increase user efficiency and satisfaction, which is crucial for success in a dynamic business environment.

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