Privileged Access with Microauthorizations

Secfense’s approach to precision security and access management

Secfense Microauthorizations represent a paradigm shift in access control, enabling precise, granular management of user privileges and access rights. This innovative approach highlights the importance of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in enhancing security by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data, systems, and application areas.


Key Features

Secfense provides comprehensive protection for Netscaler Gateway using its User Access Security Broker (UASB) and Identity Provider (iDp) solutions. As a result, it offers organizations a number of security benefits:


Configurable access control

Microauthorizations provide the flexibility to adjust access rights to the individual user level. This approach to multi-layer security is possible thanks to using MFA every time it is needed, and not only at the stage of logging into the application.


An adaptive approach to MFA

Secfense solution enables MFA to be tailored to authentication requirements based on user attributes and risk factors.

Integration with existing systems

Implementing Microauthorizations does not require any changes to existing applications contrary to other privileged access management solutions. It works seamlessly with various MFA methods, including FIDO2 and passkey, to improve existing security infrastructure.


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Increased security and compliance

By using Microauthorizations, an organization can be sure that only privileged user access sensitive data and not unauthorized personnel. Systems are tightly protected by extra steps of enforced authentication and authorization, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and increasing compliance with regulatory standards.

Better user experience

More restrictive privileged access control does not decrease user comfort. On the contrary, the significant increase in security can go hand in hand with increasing the comfort of use. This is possible thanks to employing biometrics, FIDO, or passkeys mechanisms that don’t require any codes but simply using a face recognition or a fingerprint scan to ensure the identity confirmation process is smooth and convenient.

Use Cases

Securing access to sensitive data

Securing access to sensitive data

Ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information by using Microauthorizations to enforce strict access controls.

Flexible access management in dynamic environments

Flexible access management in dynamic environments

Adjust access rights in real-time based on changing circumstances, such as changes in employee roles or evolving security threats.

Complementing IAM systems

Complementing IAM systems

Integrate Microauthorizations with existing IAM solutions, including Azure AD and Okta, to expand their capabilities without disrupting existing workflows.

Secfense product synergy

Microauthorizations are the key element of Secfense’s broader security strategy, complementing other products such as UASB, FIDO2 Authenticator, and Secfense IdP. When combined, these solutions offer a comprehensive security framework that is scalable, flexible, and user-friendly.

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Secfense Microauthorizations ensure that each access point in your organization is precisely controlled and monitored in accordance with zero trust best practices and MFA and data security implementation practices.

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