Full site protection

User Access Security Broker from Secfense by default stands before the application and adds an additional layer of protection to the user authentication process. Secfense broker however can be configured in a different way. It is possible to place it one step earlier, inside the infrastructure, and therefore protect not only the login process but the entire application. In this way, the broker builds a distinction between trusted and untrusted networks.

Secfense Redefines A Way In Which Application Security Is Delivered

With full site protection, a person can authenticate only from the untrusted network if he or she has already activated the second factor. The initial activation of the two-factor authentication method via User Access Security Broker from Secfense needs to be done within the trusted network. So it’s only possible if the user is in the office inside the trusted network.

The main purpose of Full Site Protection is to give security admins full control of the application security. With User Access Security Broker from Secfense security admins can protect not only the login process but also the entire application.

Two-factor authentication increases the security of the authentication process but applications can still get compromised if there are vulnerabilities inside of them. In such a situation, even if authentication is secure the breach can still take place and data can still get compromised.

With Secfense Full Site Protection in place, no one can be admitted without pre-authenticating first. Such a configuration of User Access Security Broker will only accept people who own the already registered second factor. People without a registered second factor won’t even be able to get to the login page.





Great Alternative to VPN

This is especially useful in organizations that do not have an SSL VPN in place. In such companies, User Access Security Broker with Full Site Protection is a great alternative to VPN.

Full Site Protection is simply one step further into protecting organizations against cyber threats. All the people that use the application equipped with User Access Security Broker are obliged to visit the office and within the trusted network enable their second factor first. The decision which applications should be protected with full site protection and which can be left with a softer security policy is for the security administrator to decide. Full site protection can simply be switched on and switched off inside the Secfense UASB administrator dashboard. Full Site Protection feature can be configured in the same place where two-factor authentication methods are chosen.

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