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Secure Client Data

Client data confidentiality is a crucial thing especially in the legal field so law offices and legal advisory offices need to be extremely careful and make sure to maintain proper data security for their customers.

Taking advantage of User Access Security Broker from Secfense gives law offices the comfort to focus on their clients and manage the law firm instead of worrying about cybersecurity measures.


Strong Authentication to Access User Data

User Access Security Broker from Secfense helps law offices to ensure the security of their customer’s confidential data by verifying identities with strong two-factor authentication based on FIDO2 standard (or any other strong authentication method) before giving them access to specific applications.

There are different rules and codes of conduct dictated by the state, government or EU that enforces lawyers not to reveal client information unless given consent. User Access Security Broker from Secfense helps law offices comply with these rules in an easy and frictionless way.

Data Security for Attorneys, Paralegals and Law Services Customers

Law offices need to provide high quality legal service to their customers and at the same time make sure to maintain confidentiality of their data. This also comes with the cost of higher involvement of and complication for IT departments to handle. There’s plenty of access points that law offices need to be taking care of. There are cloud applications, billing applications and access needs to be always monitored to make sure current employees have proper access rights while at the same time employees that are no longer working with the company should immediately be removed. All this made without any additional work or extensive resources spent on IT.

Protecting Data, Users and Application in a Simpler Way

Regardless of the size of the legal business User Access Security Broker from Secfense is a great way to maintain employees and customers data security. Secfense UASB balances the requirement of high security standards together with better user experience. With User Access Security Broker from Secfense attorneys, paralegals, and law services clients get quick and secure access to all their applications with strong two-factor authentication based on FIDO2 standard authentication (or in fact any other strong authentication standard designed for specific client’s needs). Second factor is registered with the first login attempt and then depending on the security policies the second factor needs to be used every time the user is required. User Access Security Broker gives law firms peace of mind because it also helps in auditing, monitoring, tracking and registering the whole user journey within the protected application thanks to microauthorizations mechanisms.

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