Protecting Manufacturing Industry From Data Theft, Attacks on IIoT and disrupting factory operations

The risk of cyber attacks is something that can significantly damage factories effectiveness and efficiency. Productivity is the key criteria when it comes to the manufacturing sector and with growing automation, IIoT, machine learning and global supply chains the attempts of cybercriminals to break the cycle and compromise data grows bigger and bigger.

Every couple of months there’s a data breach that becomes public. There’s some manufacturing company that was hit with a ransomware attack and that compromised production and operations for days or weeks. Most of the breaches however never go public. A great number of manufacturing companies became victims of data breach through social engineering, phishing, credential theft that often led to installing ransomware and compromising the entire organization. Such cyber attacks are not only a huge financial cost for the organization but also a damage to the public image of the company.

Manufacturers companies are forced by competition to move with digital transformation and comply with Industry 4.0 standards. The use of automation and robotics in smart factories speeds up the production process but also triggers more cyber risks and uncovers more vulnerabilities and security gaps for potential attack.


Secfense Scales Strong Authentication Across the Entire Manufacturing Organization

User Access Security Broker from Secfense delivers a great way for manufacturing companies to protect their working environment and maintain production continuity. Strong two-factor authentication deployed with Secfense ensures that only authorized people can access factory applications. Microauthorization functionality adds another layer of security and gives security administration a tool to trigger additional authentication mechanisms on any step of the user journey within the application. This means that different rights can be given within the application depending on the role of the person.

Secure Access From Inside And Outside of The Trusted Network

With User Access Security Broker from Secfense in doesn’t matter where the person is located. He or she can login from the office with the trusted network or from the field. The security is maintained on the same level for all employees, contractors and customers and all the people that are accessing applications protected with Secfense UASB.

Easy deployment of strong FIDO2 web authentication standard (or in fact any other 2FA authentication standard requested by the customer) is a key to maintaining high security and at the same time keeping the user experience untouched

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