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Proof of Value


This is what you will get:

  • get total MFA protection for one of your apps
  • all users will get the MFA of your choice
  • get microauthenticatons (another layer of protection)
  • get full site protection (VPN functionalities, without buying VPN).
  • passwordless transformation checklist


This is what we ask for:

  • 1 specialist assigned to the project
  • 10 hours total of specialist time during 7 days
  • Honest feedback after the POV


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    Add modern MFA in 5 minutes. Make your organization phishing-proof in 7 days.

    You should schedule a call with us if:
    • You want to add or upgrade MFA in your company.

    • You want to become a secure passwordless organization.

    • You want to solve the ‘password problem’ once and for all.

    • You want to completely eliminate phishing and credential theft risks.

    What will you benefit from the call?
    • You will know how to add modern MFA to your apps without coding.

    • You will know what steps to take to become a secure passwordless organization.

    • You will know how to protect your workforce against phishing and credential theft.

    • We will give you arguments to talk to your CEO to get the budget for modern MFA.