Protection Against Data Breaches

Authentication process is the first line of defense for organization’s security. It is critically important to make sure that the authorized people have access to the specific resources within the organization.


Most Effective And Efficient Way To Deploy Strong Authentication

User Access Security Broker from Secfense is delivered within minutes. There is no coding involved, and therefore no need to make any changes in the protected application’s code. Secfense UASB doesn’t conflict with application’s maintenance schedule and is totally independent of any vendor lock-ins.

Strong Authentication for Employees, Contractors, Suppliers and Partners

There’s a lot of people involved in the modern supply chains. Therefore authentication security can be compromised in many ways. User Access Security Broker from Secfense makes it easy for services and utilities organizations to introduce strong authentication for the entire chain, not only selected users or applications. The entire suppliers and partners chain can be equipped with strong authentication so that the collaboration works smoothly.

Secure and Convenient Application Access

User experience plays a very important role in the customer experience when using online services. Better customer experience means better customer satisfaction and smaller retention. User Access Security Broker from Secfense makes the strong authentication adoption process easy so that security admin can decide which authentication method can cause the least friction and most comfort for the customer and at the same time make application access secure.

Introduce a full bundle of authentication factors

One of the advantages of User Access Security Broker from Secfense is a complete independence of the authentication method. The organization that decides to use Secfense UASB receives the full bundle of authentication methods so it’s possible to build user-friendly access policies that simplify the authentication for employees, partners, and customers including FIDO2, U2F, SMS, TOTP or any other authentication method the organization would like to introduce.

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