FIDO & passwordless transformation

Are passwords ever going to be a thing of the past? Join a discussion of the people directly responsible for designing and implementing an open web authentication standard called FIDO, a standard meant to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords.

During this webinar, the guests didn’t shy away from difficult questions
and talked about topics like:

  • How is the industry progressing toward passwordless authentication?

  • How is the adoption of the FIDO standard going, and what are the implementation challenges?

  • Does FIDO2 mean abandoning U2F keys?

  • What about the context in authorization that is necessary for banking applications?

  • And what about the elephant in the room, i.e., encryption?

  • Make sure to watch this pre-recorded webinar to stay up to date with recent achievements in authentication security.

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    Special Guests:

    Adam Haertle

    Chief Editor, Owner at,

    David Turner - Director of Standards Development at FIDO Alliance

    David Turner

    Director of Standards Development at

    FIDO Alliance

    speaker 3

    Marcin Szary

    CTO & co-founder of Secfense,

    Creator of User Access Security Broker


    Special Guests:

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    logo fido