Easier. Faster. Cheaper.
Enable any 2FA method on any application

Protect your company, employees and customers with simpler and stronger authentication. Deploy 2FA in minutes, not weeks.

Setting the new default

We redefine the adoption of 2FA into organizations.


2FA (and other user access security policies) built into the fabric of the infrastructure, not rigidly fixed to the applications.


Enabling the use of any 2FA methods available on the market now and in the future without changing the core.


Protection available across entire organisation, spanning from on-premise, public and private cloud.

How Secfense works?

Secfense is deployed in between your users and applications they access. It learns the traffic patterns related to authentication. It can then enforce multi-factor authentication logon and other sensitive actions without interfering with applications existing code or database.

Traffic inspection & learning

Traffic flows throughout
Secfense Proxy

Pattern recognition

If it matches certain criteria,
it gets rerouted to internal

Security modules activation

And activates 2FA
method of choice

Value proposition

Choose the 2FA method
that fits your company best

Up-to-date 2FA methods always available on the platform

Become independent
of application life-cycle

Application changes don’t affect Secfense and applied methods

Override hardcoded
session policies

Take control over session expiration rules across all apps

Enable successful work from untrusted networks

Don’t rely on VPNs, base trust on users and their devices

Protect entire

Once in place, Secfense covers your entire infrastructure (onpremise + cloud)

Test it before you

Secfense test deployment won’t
affect your infrastructure at all

Think virtualization
for user access security

Two Factor Authentication before Secfense

Only selected apps and users
are protected. Fragmented
and difficult to manage.

Two Factor Authentication with Secfense

Any 2FA method available to all apps
and users. Expandable to any number
of apps in minutes.

We encourage you to do some testing

Secfense test deployment won’t affect
your infrastructure at all.

Schedule demo
Minimum effort

No IT staff nor costs involved

Maximum flexibility

Deployment and rollback in minutes

Protect your company with Secfense

Secfense can be deployed anywhere

It doesn't matter if your applications live in containers, public clouds
or private datacenters. Secfense supports your setup.