Secfense partners with Nitrokey to improve global adoption of FIDO authentication

Secfense partners with Nitrokey to scale FIDO2 in enterprises and SMEs

The story behind Nitrokey goes back to 2008 when the founder and CEO Jan Suhr with some of his friends decided to create an open-source USB key called “Crypto Stick”. This initially non-profit open-source project evolved to become one of the top companies specializing in open source security hardware. Now Nitrokey develops IT security hardware for data encryption, key management, and user authentication.

Since both Secfense and Nitrokey are very active in the space of FIDO2 and strong authentication it was inevitable that the companies will eventually cross their paths. After a series of technical calls and learning more about each other, both companies came to a common conclusion that it makes a lot of sense to start a cooperation.

Introduction to Nitrokey, I Love Free Software Day – Feb 14, 2019, Zalando Office, Berlin

Nitrokey and FIDO2

Nitrokey like Secfense is still a relatively new company on the market but has already got an impressive number of individual and corporate customers with brands like SAP, Sony, Porsche or BBC to name the few.

Secfense has already proved to be a useful tool for big enterprise customers with a big project finalized just recently for the biggest transportation company in Poland.

The customers on both sides are meant to benefit from this cooperation. Secfense customers will get preferential prices on purchases of Nitrokey FIDO2 – one of the most popular products from Nitrokey Family.  Nitrokey FIDO2 is published as open-source hardware for transparency reasons and is entirely manufactured in Germany.

With this key its owners will instantly be able to login to Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Office 365, Facebook or Google without using a password. Nitrokey FIDO2 is able to increase both convenience as well as security, something that was previously hard to imagine.

Nitrokey customers, on the other hand, will now get the opportunity to easily integrate their Nitrokeys with more and more applications without any extra effort. For all past and new Nitrokey customers, Secfense will at preferential prices make it possible to deploy FIDO2 keys on more applications (or even scale within the entire company).

Usually, the next natural step after testing a method that works is taking advantage of it at scale. Thanks to Nitrokey – Secfense cooperation, this next step can become much easier and less expensive compared to old adoption methods that required costly and time-consuming software development.  


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