User Access Security Broker

User Access Security Broker from Secfense is probably the fastest way to implement multi-factor authentication that exists. Secfense solution was designed for big organizations and enterprises and backed with a zero-trust approach.

Secfense broker is a fast, easy to implement, and scalable method of unifying user access security policies within the entire company.


User Access Security Unified In A Fast And Efficient Manner

User Access Security Broker from Secfense allows organizations to introduce strong multi-factor authentication on all employees' accounts and on any web application in just minutes. It's possible to protect the entire organization against phishing and credential theft risks regardless of the size of the organization.

Two-factor authentication is known to be one of the best ways to protect against phishing however implementation was always a difficult part. Secfense being a security broker helped us solve the implementation problem. We were able to introduce various 2FA methods at once to work with our web applications.

Dariusz Pitala Head of IT, MPEC S.A.


Solution Adjusted To Maintain The Remote Workforce Security

User Access Security Broker from Secfense helps to maintain all remote workers' security. There's plenty of two-factor authentication methods on the market. User Access Security Broker from Secfense makes it possible to integrate any of these methods with any web application without expensive software development. And it only takes minutes, not weeks or months.

Scalable Strong Authentication Across The Entire Company

Because Secfense User Access Security Broker places itself as an intermediary security layer it is in a position to introduce any multi-factor authentication method or other user access policies without developers, contractors, or third-party code. The solution from Secfense did to 2FA what virtualization has done to infrastructure.


Security Independent From Vendor Lock-in

Finally — since the solution works as a reverse proxy and the entire deployment simply triggers learning mechanisms that learn traffic patterns there’s no programmers, no vendors, and no interfering with the source code of the application involved.

Full Site Protection

User Access Security Broker from Secfense not only secures the login process but it can also protect the entire application. By default, Secfense UASB stands before the application and secures the login process. With Full Site Protection, the security admin can require users to activate their second factor within the trusted network first, to be able to even display the website.

The Secfense User Access Security always stands between the user and the application. The difference is that when the broker is set up in the Standard Mode, everyone can access the website while in the Full Site Protection Mode that is not possible.

In the Standard Mode regardless if it’s the random visitor, a hacker, a robot or a company employee and regardless if that person connects from home, coffee place or a mobile phone. That person can freely access the website but is asked to verify the identity with Secfense broker right after the normal login attempt.

When Secfense broker is in the Full Site Protection Mode, the website can only be displayed and accessed by people who have already registered the second factor before from within the trusted network inside the organization. This means that authorized people (company employees) have to first physically go to the company's headquarters and there, within the trusted network, activate their second factor of authentication. If they don't, they will be treated as unauthorized users and won't even be able to view the website.

This is especially important in case of corporate applications that are only visible from within the trusted network. Until now, the user could only use them from a secured network (i.e. while physically staying in the office or while connecting via VPN). Secfense User Access Security Broker is a much safer alternative to a VPN that allows all corporate applications to be available from outside of the trusted network while maintaining a high level of security.






One of the functionalities of the User Access Security Broker from Secfense are Microauthorizations. They are designed to trigger an additional authorization step wherever it's necessary. Thanks to microauthorizations it is possible to:

  • Monitor, track and register every access attempt to specific company resources

  • Remove the risk of compromising the sensitive data

  • Remove complexity from user access security

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