Formbook the most popular malware in the world

In its latest report, Check Point informs that Formbook is currently the most popular type of malware, i.e. malicious software that threatens computers. It was detected in nearly 4.5 percent. office networks in the world and in 3.2 percent offices in Poland.

Formbook intercepts logins and passwords stored in browsers, can take screenshots, log keystrokes, and download and run other malicious files. How to protect yourself against this threat and avoid financial losses and serious privacy problems not only at work but also in private life?

How to protect yourself from malware?

In 2021 probably most computer users know that one must never click suspicious e-mails. However, there are still some – including public figures – who can be deceived and approached by the so-called phishing emails. That is why all companies and institutions should enforce the so-called strong authentication. To feel really safe, it is not enough today to log into systems and applications using a login and password. These have been in disgrace for a long time – an intruder can intercept them in a simple way, as he does with the help of the Formbook malware that I mentioned before.

Strong Authentication

Strong authentication or multi-factor authentication is nothing more than adding more authentication factors to your login process. In addition to the login and password, an authorization code is required, and the use of a built-in or external device that will cryptographically confirm the user’s identity. Typically, the devices we use on a daily basis have this component on board, thanks to the build-in FIDO2 authentication standard.

Formbook, the world’s most popular malware

Adoption of strong authentication

Sounds straightforward. So why there are still so few businesses using multi-factor authentication? Or if they use MFA they use it only on a handful of apps? Precisely because it is difficult to introduce this method to companies that have a complex IT infrastructure and have several hundred applications in use. The main barrier to using MFA (multi-factor authentication) is the high cost and the difficulty of integrating with the applications functioning in companies.

The User Access Security Broker that we have created at Secfense effectively breaks both of these barriers. It allows you to quickly and easily add the selected authentication method to any number of applications. Additionally, Secfense broker adds MFA without interfering with the protected application’s code! The password and login may therefore contain the name of the child or a pet, and the owner of the resources will always be sure that only he or she will be able to access the private data, and not a thief using a stolen identity.

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