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Odkryj kluczowe wątki z wywiadu z Tomaszem Kowalskim, założycielem Secfense

Secfense: Innovation and security in one

Secfense, founded by Tomasz Kowalski and Marcin Szary, is a company specializing in cyber security, and more specifically, in the easy adoption of multi-factor authentication. Tomasz Kowalski recently gave an interview to Below is a brief summary of the interview, and we invite you to read the whole thing on the portal.

The beginning of Secfense.

In the interview, Tomasz talks about the challenges he and Marcin Szary encountered at the beginning of the business, such as implementing new technologies and acquiring customers. Expanding into international markets is one of the company’s main strategic goals. According to Tomasz, the key to success is innovation but also flexibility, which allowed Secfense to develop a User Access Security Broker, a tool that proactively protects against the threat of attacks on user accounts.

The role of collaboration and partnerships in Secfense’s success.

Working with industry partners and building strong relationships is another aspect that Secfense values highly. This helps the company acquire achievements together and pursue innovation. Tomasz also stresses the importance of adapting to the future of cybersecurity by monitoring changes in the sector and the impact of those changes on the company’s operations.

During the interview, Tomasz shared practical tips for those planning to start their own business in the technology industry, emphasizing the importance of vision and adaptation.

Top three trends in cyber security

Kowalski also points to the growing cybercrime threats associated with the development of tools such as ChatGPT. Companies should pay attention to the security of their data and not allow the widespread use of ChatGPT. It also identifies the top three cyber security trends for SME businesses in 2023: artificial intelligence, Zero Trust, and strong authentication.

To learn more about Secfense, the future without passwords, using ChatGPT securely, and other important issues, please read the full interview with Tomasz Kowalski on

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