AVLab Foundation for Cybersecurity

The AVLab Foundation for Cybersecurity is an independent organization specializing in providing information in the cyber-threats and cyber-protection industry. The Foundation prepares articles, training reports, conferences, and educational materials on a daily basis, and it is known for its professional reviews, reports, and safety tests.

In recent months, the foundation took a closer look at the User Access Security Broker and, after a thorough analysis, decided to issue an opinion! The recommendation for Secfense is a great honor for us, for which we are very grateful!

Recommendation for Secfense

As reported by the AVLab, the organization’s certificates and recommendations are used by both foreign and local producers, and the largest companies in the industry refer to the tests of the AVLab foundation. We are all the more pleased that from today we can use this recommendation as a social proof. To obtain such a recommendation, the solution had to prove to have good protection and performance.

Secfense makes passwordless possible

On the recommendation granted to Secfense, there is an inscription ‘Passwordless future is today’, i.e. a future without passwords is already today. This shows that the foundation appreciated what lies at the heart of Secfense, i.e. the vision of eliminating passwords once and for all and replacing them with easier-to-use and safer authentication methods.

Secfense Clients

At the moment, Secfense offers its solution to large organizations that have shown their interest in increasing the security of their employees and customers. The Secfense solution is already used, among others, by employees of the BNP Paribas bank or PKP Intercity. You can read more about the implementation of Secfense in BNP Paribas Polska Secfense at BNP Paribas Polska on our blog. The linked text leads to the list of Secfense clients.

BNP Paribas Bank Polska has started the cooperation with Secfense
BNP Paribas Bank Polska has started the cooperation with Secfense.

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